Base Chakra - Beeswax Ritual Candle

Base Chakra - Beeswax Ritual Candle
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Chakra - Base - Beeswax Ritual Candle

Our large Beeswax Ritual Candles are individually crafted with natural beeswax, dried powdered herbs and resins and charged within a crystal grid to ensure maximum potency. Available in a wide variety of intentions, manifestations and vibrations.



Chakra - Base - Beeswax Ritual Candle

This candle has been created to aid healing or energy work associated with the Base Chakra. Whether the chakra is over or under working this candle will aim to bring about balance for this energy centre. It makes the perfect partner to accompany any energy work being undertaken in a healing session.

Approximate Size: 4cm x 20cm
Approximate Burn Time: 35 Hours

All of our Ritual candles have been hand crafted in various colours of natural beeswax all of which have been chosen for their energetic properties.

We handmake each of our Beeswax Ritual Candles. During the crafting process we add a potent blend of herbs and resins to the beeswax and finish by dressing the candle with a magical blend of essential oils. Each candle has then been charged in the appropriate phase of grandmother moon within a crystal grid.

Although the candles are dressed with a magical oil, they do not give off a scent when burnt. The oil is added purely to enhance the energetic properties of the candle.

Price is for one ritual candle.

- Remove all packaging before lighting
- Trim wick to ¼ inch before lighting each time
- Ensure the candle is placed on a flat stable heat proof surface
- Do not touch or move the candle once lit
- Ensure candle is completely cool before attempting to move it
- Never leave a burning candle unattended

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