About Us

Hail and Welcome to Sons of Asgard!


If you are familiar with us, our store and our website, then welcome back, if not, then we welcome you into the magical world of witchcraft and magic.

Sons of Asgard was born in 2018, during a tour of the South-West of England on a camping trip white visiting family in Gloucester, Cornwall and Devon. Although we already owned and ran a successful Wellbeing and Spiritual Centre in Hertfordshire, it didn't quite cater for those of a more magical mindset. We absolutely loved the centre, which just kept going from strength to strength. We were becoming busier and busier with our treatments, readings, spa therapies and wellbeing packages while our calendar of events seem to take up the majority of evenings throughout each month.

While away in the wilds (well, Dartmoor and then Gloucester) we sat discussing other pagan, magical and witchcraft shops that we had visited, and how the majority of them seem to stock the same things, from the same suppliers for vastly different amounts of money! We were then talking about the fact that places like Etsy are great for people to showcase their hand-crafted items, but why do the majority of them look like they have been thrown together very quickly without much thought and - for want of a better phrase - look half finished!

We decided then that we wanted to create a range of magical products, with intent, fully charged and most importantly - finished! 

It all started on that August evening as we brain stormed a range of charm pouches, which then, a few weeks later, became our Witches Charm Pouch range. We started on Etsy, and steadily grew our following while also selling our wares in our Spiritual and Wellbeing Centre. Over the next few months we began to increase our range of products and it was like somebody flicked a switch on Etsy. Things went a little bit crazy to say the least. 

We went about setting up a small website and started to promote our wares at fetes, fayres, festivals and other events (while also somehow managing to keep up with running the centre).

Our range of products just continued to grow and grow - the ideas kept coming and we had found our magical passion. Something that crossed over between work, spirituality and creativity.

In 2020 of course, the world-over dealt with the pandemic that shall not be named, and it was at this point that we had to sadly close our centre. This however, did give us the opportunity to take Sons of Asgard to being our full time business. And full-time it was. 

During 2019 we continued to develop ourselves, our products and the business, never straying from our ethos - handmade, finished, affordable, magical.

Circumstances had us move to Glastonbury in the Spring of 2021 and we opened two shops in the medieval 'Gauntlet' - a small shopping thoroughfare. After just 6 weeks of being open, we needed more space and so expanded into a unit next to us - now occupying 3 spaces (as well as an additional stock / making room close by).

Then, in August 2021 a bizarre turn of events (and ALOT of synchronicities) saw us move onto Glastonbury High Street - at the very apt, number 13.

We now have an amazing team that works with us and our product ranges continue to expand pretty much every month. However, we still maintain our ethics.

Everything with our label (we do sell a few pieces from other creators) is handmade by us. The teas, the sprays, the spell kits, the candles, the charm bags, the wax melts, the incense kits, the loose and stick incense, the synergies, the glass and woodware, the grow kits, the witches balls... The list goes on.

We will continue to make sure that we hand-craft each product, and in so doing, ensure that it is created in a magical way, coinciding with the relevant cycles of the moon, the sun, the seasons and mother earth herself.

In late 2020, after realising that we no longer had a space in which to offer treatments or teach our workshops, we also went about setting up the Asgard Academy - our online training school that, slowly but surely, is having new classes and courses added to every month. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge in a particular spiritual area or even looking to re-train as a professional holistic therapist, head over to the website and take a look around for yourself.

Each day we remember to give thanks, and are extremely grateful to how the business and our paths have literally taken flight. The support and love from our customers, friends and family has been overwhelming to say the least.

We absolutely love meeting new people and hearing how you guys and gals use and connect with our products - so if you are visiting Glastonbury, please do pop in to say hi.

We love what we do and are thrilled that you all seem to love it too.

If you have any questions, please do feel free to drop us a message and we will endeavour to get back to you.

Blessings, and once again, thank you!



John and Chris
(And the rest of the team!)
Sons of Asgard