Oak - Blended Synergy

Oak - Blended Synergy
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Celtic Tree Blended Synergies

If you love our Celtic Tree Essences Sprays, then you'll love our blended synergies! They are the concentrated blend we use in our sprays - which are perfect for using in an oil burner or diffuser.



Oak - Blended Synergy

Strength - Stability - Nobility

Our Celtic Tree Synergies are a concentrated blend of the vibrational essences and oils that we used within our Celtic Tree Essence Sprays.

The blended synergies are ideal for adding to an oil burner or an aromatherapy diffuser to fill your space with the magic contained within these bottles.

The essential oils and absolutes that have been chosen to create the synergies have been selected because of their energetic correspondences - we've paired the tree essence with various scents to blend these aromatic products together. We only use natural oils - no hidden synthetics here.

If you wish to find your Celtic Tree Zodiac Sign, please click on the Celtic Tree Zodiac tab above.

Price is for one 5ml bottle.

The Celtic alphabet of Ogham is pronounced 'Oh-wam'. The exact historical origin of the alphabet has been the source of fierce arguments for many years. It is seen used in written form in Ireland from around the 5th Century AD. However, notched grooves carved into rocks seem to hint at it existing for centuries before this, in its symbolic form. Within the British Isles it is often cited as the first attempt at written communication.

The Ogham alphabet in turn has been linked to native British Trees. Sadly, as written history from this period is virtually non-existent, the historical veracity of many of the Ogham interpretations can probably never be proven. But it is known that the Druids in the late Iron Age and beyond (i.e. last century B.C. and the first/second centuries A.D.) used this system in the form of a calendar based on the cycles of the moon and the celebration of the four Solstices.

Each tree in the calendar has its own moon cycle span of 28 days and an Ogham letter symbol.

As with many semi-precious stones and crystals, each of the British native trees and shrubs in the Ogham has particular powers and benefits. We should revere and learn about our native, pioneer trees and shrubs. The Ogham Tree Wisdom/Lunar Calendar is well worth studying to truly try and understand each tree and its associated energies.

Find Your Celtic Tree Zodiac Sign

Birch - Dec 24 - Jan 20
Rowan - Jan 21 - Feb 17
Ash - Feb 18 - Mar 17
Alder - Mar 18 - Apr 14
Willow - Apr 15 - May 12
Hawthorn - May 13 - Jun 9
Oak - June 10 - July 7
Holly - July 8 - Aug 4
Hazel - Aug 5 - Sept 1
Vine - Sept 2 - Sept 29
Ivy - Sept 30 - Oct 27
Reed - Oct 28 - Nov 24
Elder - Nov 25 - Dec 23

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Oak blended synergy
20 June 2024  | 

This is a beautiful fragrance. When used in an oil burner it clears and calms any negative energies in the room bringing a sense of peace and healing. I also use a small amount on a cotton handkerchief and put it in my pocket so I have it will me throughout the day.

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Great purchase
23 February 2023  | 

I learnt about the product on my training course in Glastonbury and had a go at making my own insence. I'm working with the Oak tree, and this is a lovely, powerful essence to work with. Great customer service and prompt delivery

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