Pisces - Zodiac Spray

Pisces - Zodiac Spray
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Zodiac Sprays

Magical sprays created to enhance and balance the signs of the zodiac.



Pisces - Zodiac Spray

Created using 100% pure essential oils and absolutes, floral waters, crystal essences and water from the sacred Chalice Well in Glastonbury.

Our Pisces Zodiac Magical Spray has been charged in the energy of the full Moon whilst she is in the Zodiac Sign that the spray represents, theses sprays are the perfect way to enhance the energy of your workings if you need the vibration of the specific zodiac and the energy that it embodies.

This spray can also be used by those under this sun sign if they feel out of balance.

The traits for this sign are affectionate, empathetic, wise and artistic.

Pure Essential Oils, Absolutes, Chalice Well Water & Alcohol (1%)

Price is for one 30ml bottle.

Our magical sprays are easy to use by just about anyone.

They can be used within a space, within your auric field, or even over an object. Depending on which spray you have chosen and the properties that resonate with it (uplifting, cleansing, energising, relaxing etc) would normally dictate how you would use it. For example, if you were using a cleansing spray, you could use this to purify ritual or ceremonial tools - whereas you wouldn't use a relaxing spray on your magical tools. Would you?

In a Space

If you are using the spray to bring about a vibration change within a space, we recommend using the spray in each corner of the room (or at the four quarters (compass points)) if the room you are in does not have corners. It is important to keep your intentions clear and strong if you are wanting to making a change vibrationally and energetically using the sprays. An example of this is: If you are clearing negative energy from a room using a cleansing spray, do not let your mind wander to what you are having for dinner that evening. Focus on the task at hand until complete.

In the Aura

If you are using the spray to make a vibration change within the auric field, no matter where in the auric field you want to make that change, simply hold the spray at arms length above your head and spray three times. As the mist from the spray settles onto and into your aura, take a nice deep breath in through the nose - hold it for a few seconds - and then slowly exhale through the mouth. This is the same no matter where in the aura you are trying to make a change - you could do this exercise with the Base Chakra Spray, the Higher Heart Spray or even the Violet Flame Spray. Always above the head. Never use the magical spray directly on the skin.

In Healing

We know that many energy therapists (and physical therapists) use our sprays before, during and after their treatments. Some use it at the beginning of a treatment to help relax their client, some use the sprays during the therapy to help them clear out unwanted energy or affect a change in the space and some use the sprays at the end or after the treatment to ground any excess energy and clear out any negative vibrations ready for their next client. When it comes to working with the sprays on an energetic, magical and healing level we say that the best guide with how to use them is you. You will know intuitively how you wish to work with the sprays. Each therapist is different and each one has their own unique way of working. Trust that which feels right to you.

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