White Sage & Lavender Smudging Stick - 4''

White Sage & Lavender Smudging Stick - 4''
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White Sage & Lavender Smudging Stick

Utilising the smoke and vibration from the sacred practice of 'Smudging' - combine your intention with our smudging sticks to aid in purifying, cleansing and blessing your space. Clear out any unwanted negative vibrations and draw in positive energy to create the environment that you want.



Size: Approximately 4'' in length.

White Sage & Lavender Energetic Properties
- Cleansing
- Healing
- Peace
- Balance
- Calming
- Serenity
- Anti-anxiety

None of our smudge sticks are sealed in plastic - all smudge sticks are sold loose and will only be packaged before being sent to protect them in transit.

Price is for one smudging stick.

In Native American culture, sage smudge sticks are widely used in special ceremonies to clear negative energies and attract more positive energy. Many people use smudge sticks to clear their homes of stagnant energies, or to cleanse the aura prior to meditation or prayer. Others such as Reiki practitioners and holistic therapists use sage as part of a cleansing ritual before treatments. House or dwelling cleansing using sages is often incorporated into Feng Shui too. There are several different types of sage and we also stock sweetgrass and several resins. Some herbs can be burnt directly (such as bound sticks and loose white sage), but others can be broken up and left to smoulder on hot charcoal tablets.

Smudging is usually carried out as a simple ceremony, aimed at clearing away negative energies to attract ones that are more positive. Native Americans have traditionally used many herbs for this purpose, with the belief that each has a different effect on the individual's aura and well being. We find that it's best to light the end of the smudge stick, but you may also break off fragments so the can be burnt in a safe container (shells are often used). The idea with smudging is to allow the sage to smoulder and create a fine smoke, that you waft with your hand (many use a feather for this purpose) in a slow methodical way.

We recommend that when you carry the sage around the house you use a special container such as a shell or earthen pot (or just use a saucer) to ensure no burning embers fall onto the floor. When smudging a room, waft the smoke into all of the corners. Many people say prayers or mantras whilst wafting the smoke, but whatever you do try to enjoy a gentle moment of calm intent. Afterwards, carefully extinguish the sage and then open the doors and windows to encourage a good airflow. The belief is that using cleansing sage during a smudging ceremony will remove any stagnant, bad energies so they can be blown away with the wind.

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