Here We Are...

19 September 2020  |  Admin

Mabon Blessings one and all.

Well what a whirlwind time its been for us since our last blog post!

After a month of painting, building, fixing and trying to not break anymore wiring we have extended our Magical Apothecary shop to now include............The Blending Bar!

A magical place where you are able to choose from Shower Gel, Face Exfoliate, Shampoo, Moisture Cream and Triple Salt Bath Soak (All chemical free).

We do have a Bath Foam Base that does contain SLS, we wanted to be as hellpful to our Mother earth as possible but everyone loves a bubble bath every now and then so we had to make the decision to add this product in.

We then provide a wide range of Essential Oils, Carrier Oils and Extracts as well as four different herbs that can be added to the Triple Salt Bath Soak (Calendula Petals, Cornflowers Blue, Safflower and Rose Petals) and provide information and recipes for each item so you are able to pick and choose which scents you add in and mix yourself.
YOU have the benefit of choosing and blending something that is good for you and tailored specifically for your skin type.

As well as having all this going on we have been filling our evenings making new fully scented 100% soy wax candles as well as blending new teas and getting messy in the kitchen with our Celtic Tree Essence Incense Sticks which are a messy but fun way to make sure we are able to tell you all what exactly goes in to the things you are burning in your home.

Its been a pleasure making and experimenting with these new treats for you all and we hope you are enjoying the posts on social media and the new way we are looking at doing things.

As always if theirs something we can help with, we have our handy chat feature available as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages for all communication needs, I guess all thats left to say is we hope you're keeping well and still being as safe and sensible as possible.

Until next time........

The Sons of Asgard Team