We're nearly there...

7 March 2022  |  Admin

Well, here we are...

We are so so close to launching our new website - which seems like it has been forever in the making. 

Of course, as with the majority of things we do we wanted to be able to design, stock and update it ourselves - so it's been a case of trying to fit it in and complete it as and when we can.

We've also tried to make sure there's plenty of information about the various products and services on each of the product pages, however, we are aware that some still need to be updated and this will be a work in progress.

If you were a visitor to our previous website you will probably have noticed just how much more is available on this one!

Thank you for supporting Sons of Asgard and we hope that you like our new look website! 


John and Chris
Sons of Asgard

(BTW - We are also well aware that we haven't actually written any blog posts for nearly a year and a half!! We will do our best to make sure this is more of a regular thing!)