Online Orders

If you are looking to chase up an order that you have made online, please follow the steps below to see where in the process your order is. Please DO NOT call the shop as the team that work in the shop space do not have access to the back-office and online ordering system.

Due to the amount of abuse and hassle we are getting regarding the chasing of orders, we have put together this page to help you find out where you order is at - we will not tolerate abusive or aggressive emails towards ANY of our staff. Your order may be delayed - it isn't the end of the world and doesn't require you to threaten any team members. We will just refund your order and remove your account for any future purchases. Please have respect for another human being.


- We aim to dispatch all orders within 7 - 10 working days (for items that are in stock) - but this is usually much quicker!
- Orders are picked and packed on Mondays and Thursdays - the daily cut-off for this is 11am
- Orders are then taken to the post office on Tuesday and Friday mornings for dispatch
- We do not offer next day delivery or guaranteed delivery of any kind


If you are chasing up your order, please follow the below steps.

1 - Log in to your account

If you log in to your account, you will be able to see its current 'status'. If it says  'picking' then it is being picked and waiting for dispatch. If this is within 7 - 10 working days (please don't message early on day 7 or 11!!) then we will get round to it. If its urgent, please feel free to drop us an email and we can update you (sometimes we are making a product for the order but we try and let you know ASAP if this is out of stock).

If you didn't create an account when you checked out online, please move on to Step 3.

2 - 'Completed'

If the order is showing as 'Completed' then this means that we have fulfilled the order and it has been taken to the Post Office for dispatch (see above for which days of the week this happens on).

3 - Check your E-Mail!

If your order is saying 'Completed', then you would have had an automatic email when your order was dispatched that will contain a tracking number. Check your junk folder, spam folder and 'other' folder as many of our emails seem to go into these folders!

4 - Find Your Tracking Number

Once you have your tracking number (although our emails don't tell you who the courier is, if you just 'Google' the tracking number it will tell you who its couriered with and how to track it) you can then see where your parcel is. We only use Royal Mail and for heavier parcels, we use UPS. Please don't ask to send things with other couriers as we have accounts with these companies only. To use another would be time consuming and long-winded hence why we've chosen to stick with these two.

5 - Be Patient!

Once you have your tracking number, you are able to track the parcels location yourself - and in some instances (depending on how friendly YOUR local depot is) you may be able to call them and they will give you further information on its whereabouts.

Please do not ask us to trace the parcel for you. We only have access to the same information that you do when tracking it (people seem to think that we work for Royal Mail - and we obviously don't!). For recent enquiries, when customers have pushed us to speak to our local depot (who have already told us that they cannot do anything and we are not the customer so they cannot give us any information) they have replied with one of the following (pick whichever one you least dislike):

a) "Give the customer the tracking number and they can follow its progress themselves"
b) "It's Christmas, we are always busier than usual at this time of year"
c) "Hasn't the customer been watching the news, there have been, and are, constant postal strikes"
d) "Tell the customer it's only Christmas, if the parcel turns up afterwards, what's the issue"

You can see it's been a real joy and extremely helpful working with the Royal Mail.

6 - Further Steps

If after all of that, your order is outside of the 7 working turn around, and you have attempted the steps above to see what stage your order is at and have exhausted all other options, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will absolutely see what we can do to help out. Please note that if we do not get back to you in the Live Chat it is because we are with a customer. It doesn't then require an email, another live chat, 3 phone calls and a contact form being sent. We will get back to you when we see / pick up your message.

7 - Replacements

Unfortunately, we are unable to send out a replacement item until either yours has been returned or we are able to make a claim with the post office. We are a small business that has been hit hard with recent economic changes, AND the postal strike, and we cannot afford to be sending out replacement parcels without reimbursement. Especially when there are also dishonest customers whom we have found HAVE had their parcels and have tried their luck on a refund or further items.

8 - Making a Claim

In the event of the parcel not reaching you, we are unable to make a claim with the Post Office until your parcel has been missing for 30 working days. If this time has lapsed, please do get in touch and we will do what we can to help you.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this - it really does help us out massively as everytime we are chasing an order where the customer hasn't even checked their emails, it takes us away from dealing with getting orders picked and packed!



Chris and John (And the rest of the team!)
Sons of Asgard