Sons of Asgard Team Application

We are hiring!!

We are currently looking for one, possibly two new members to join the team here at Sons of Asgard. These roles will be on a part-time basis, working at least 2 days a week. One of these days will more than likely be a Saturday and / or a Sunday. Days are from 9.30am to 6.30pm and the rate of pay is £11.50ph. You also get a 40 minute lunch break each day.

All successful applicants will be given a trial period of 3 months before being offered a permanent position.

While experience would be helpful within this sector, it is much more important for us to find to 'right' person - so you may carry 10+ years of working within a spiritual field, but you have to be 'right'.

The successful applicant will join our store team and will include the following roles:
- Greeting and assisting customers
- Taking payments through our till system
- Restocking the shelves and facing products forward
- Maintaining the shop cleanliness - hoovering, dusting etc

Ideally the new team members will be:
- Enthusiastic and approachable
- A good communicator
- Able to work well within a team
- Comfortable in themselves
- Willing to develop, learn and expand their knowledge base
- Easy going and friendly with a 'let's get things done' attitude
- Grounded in their personal and spiritual lives
- Be flexible and willing to work other shifts if needed

If this sounds like you and you think you would enhance the team already working at the store, please feel free to complete the application below. 

NOTE: If you are applying, please take the time and effort to complete the form as much as you can. Applications that seem like they haven't had much thought or effort go into them will be discarded.



Covering the past 5 years - job roles, responsibilities etc
Detail any experience that you think may be relevant to the application
Here is your chance to tell us a bit about yourself
Please attach a copy of your CV:
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