Out of Stock Items

Out of Stock Items

We have recently been inundated with requests from customers asking when items will be back in stock so we thought we would create this little page to give a bit more context to our answers.

In short, if an item on the website is showing as out of stock - then chances are fairly high that we don't have it (even in the shop itself) - but the page will give you an option to pop in your email address so that when the item is restocked, it will send you a notification.

With regards to lead times on when things will be back, we cannot give you a timescale for any of the items. As many of you may, or may not know, we make 95% of the items ourselves. Because of this, everything is made on rotation, during various phases of the moon, and needs to be charged in some format before it hits our shelves. There is no timescale for this, we make things as quickly as we can in as big a batch as we can without is becoming a commercial production line. You will notice that certain things go out of stock quicker than others - this tends to be because when items come back, customers will buy multiples of that item - and so that bigger batch sells just as quick.

So, if you are looking for an item that says its out of stock, please do not chase us asking when they will be back in - we won't be able to give you any times. Please just pop your email address in the notification box and you'll get a reminder as soon as we have made some more.

Some customers have 'politely' informed us that we clearly need more staff or need to make bigger batches of things. Unfortunately, we aren't going to do either. We want to keep this a small independent, non-production-line based business - and we also want to make sure that the products we created are made by us and charged by us.

We promise, the products that we produce are worth the wait. And most importantly - are authentic - as opposed to mass produced crap!

If you have any other questions or queries regarding this, please drop us a message using our Contact Form.